August 23rd, 2015


Why #SadPuppiesDon'tMatter ... That Much

Finally, Hugo statistics! I was hoping the nomination stats would show the kind of lockstep discipline among the Puppy camps that would let me discern the relative impact of the two groups...I suppose in my heart I was hoping to see that Sad Puppies were in fact fairly inconsequential in the scheme of things compared to the Rabids...but instead we can only draw the most general of conclusions.

Best Novel: It seems that in the most heavily-balloted category, neither the Sad Puppy nor Rabid Puppy slates on their own would have had the strength to put their candidates on the ballot. It took the combined strength of the Sads and Rabids to put four candidates on the ballot (two of whom were later withdrawn). Even then, they weren't sufficient to keep Ann Leckie off the ballot; as I had suspected (since Ancillary Justice had more nominating ballots than any previous candidate), hers was the one novel popular enough to make the ballot even in the face of the Puppies' bloc voting:
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