richardthe23rd (richardthe23rd) wrote,

Screw That, I Did It My Way

I happened to be checking something on my Shop Your Way page and discovered a message that they'd loaded $11.00 worth of points on my account to be spent at KMart, and expiring tomorrow. So I talked my dad and sister into driving to that side of town for our regular Tuesday lunch excursion and dropping by the KMart afterwards. I couldn't believe my luck when I found they had black jeans on sale for $10.99. I'd quite forgotten that I'd thrown out my last pair of black jeans after the thighs became 100 percent fray.

Then I couldn't believe it when the cashier told me I had zero points. I hadn't realized that the Shop Your Way card on my keyring and the Shop Your Way site on my computer were for two entirely separate Shop Your Way accounts I'd signed up for over the years.

So when I got home I checked and found that, yeah, the $11.00 credit was on an entirely different account number. But I hated to pass up free jeans, so I printed out my membership card, drove back to the KMart and picked up those free jeans. They didn't even charge me sales tax! That's a big deal in Mobile, where the sales tax is like ten percent and they charge it on everything, groceries included. They even threw in a bunch of coupons for my next visit! But the heck with that, I'll wait until they give me more free money.

In other news, the coupon for a free bottle of Old Orchard juice that I signed up for on-line finally showed up in my mailbox, but KMart doesn't stock it.

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