Away We Go On A Comet

Not counting paid programming that filled the wee hours, the newly launched Comet channel kicked off (as far as my waking self was concerned) with Fred Olen Ray's Alienator, a microbudget sci-fi romp distinguished by the usual Ray cast of celebs just past their celeb-by date (Jan-Michael Vincent, John Philip Law), 50's B-movie stalwarts (Leo Gordon, Robert Clarke), a B-horror icon (Robert Quarry), and Ray regulars Dawn Wildsmith, Jay Richardson, Hoke Howell and Ross Hagen. Poor P.J. Soles is stuffed into an outfit with two panels cut out over her cleavagenal area, which really isn't a flattering look for her. It's all somewhat redeemed when one character reminisces about getting Edgar Rice Burroughs tales from the Science Fiction Book Club.

But hey, even James Cameron cast Dick Miller in the day's next feature, The Terminator, to be followed by the goofy nadir of Bond pictures, Moonraker. Later tonight, Dead Space. And they'll be airing re-runs of Stargate SG-1, apparently.

An interesting mix of fare, although it's worth keeping in mind that over on Get TV, November will be Noir Month. Or, as they prefer to call it, Noirvember.

For Your Viewing Pleasure

The same local station that carries Columbia's back catalog on MeTV is now adding another channel: Comet Sci-Fi, firing up October 31 at 5 a.m. I can hardly wait to see what riches they mean to present us. The name isn't quite as off-putting as the description I saw for Galaxy Buck - "Christin Sci-Fi For Kids!" - but it will do until the real thing comes along.