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Live from the Bushel

23 March 1957
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Air Force brat who moved around Indiana, Florida and Alabama before going off to university in Texas, then working there in television news for five years. For the last couple of decades or so I've worked for a pipeline company, most of it testing their software. I was once quite the active and prolific fanzine fan; I ran conventions and everything. (And it looks like I emerged from retirement to run Worldcon press relations again.) These days? I go to the 75-cent movie night at the Picture Show, other times to the art house cinema across the street from my office. Entertainment Weekly says I am something of a historian of "Manos: The Hands of Fate," now widely regarded as the worst film of all time. I may have just stumbled into a career in portrait photography, as well. After getting myself elected a Democratic Precinct Chair I'm taking a more active interest in politics, as well. In my copious spare time I win sweepstakes, play tournament poker, and date supermodels.